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GameCallSwap offers you:

>> A Global Marketplace of Buyers who will be able to search for, preview, purchase, and download your  audio instantly, online, 24 hours a day.

>> A Quick and Easy Workflow. Upload your clips, tag them with info, submit them to the curator and earn. It's that easy.

>> 75 Percent Commissions on All Sales. Simple, straightforward and very competitive.

>> Monthly Payments by Paypal. As your clip portfolio grows, this can mean regular, ongoing income from a relatively small initial investment of time.

>> You Set the Price for Your recordings. Buyers pay what you want them to pay, and you can change the price whenever you like.

>> A Non-Exclusive Contract and Complete Control Over Your Work. You retain all rights to your work, and can do whatever you like with it, including sell it elsewhere or instantly remove it from the GameCallSwap marketplace, no strings attached.

>> Aggressive Marketing on Your Behalf. Extensive, ongoing campaigns designed to bring business to your doorstep.

>> Realtime Data on Clip Sales. All the information you need to make the most from your stock media sales.

>> Feedback from your peers and others in the community. Our active community forums discuss everything from how to improve your vocalizations and recordings to putting your sounds to better use in drawing in wild animals for hunting, photography or just enjoyment.

All it takes to get stated Selling:

Step 1: Upload your work in the form of short (5-60 second) audio clips. (All footage should adhere to our specific audio requirements). You will need access to a high-speed internet connection to do this, as audio file sizes are sometimes very large.

If you do not have access to a high-speed internet connection, then you can submit your clips on data DVD or hard drive to the address listed on our contact page. Make sure to clearly mark any materials you send to us with your username and a return address.

After you upload your clips, we will automatically process them, creating a low-resolution, watermarked version for previewing, and extracting all the relevant technical information (duration, size, format, etc).

Step 2: Tag your clips with info, including a description, keywords, and a price. When you’re done, you submit your clips to a curator for review.

Step 3: Earn! After your clip has passed the review process, it will be placed online. Buyers everywhere will be able to search for, preview, pay for and download your content: instantly, online, 24-hours a day.

Each time a clip is purchased, you will be credited 75% of the price you have set. Each month, you will be able to receive your earnings by check or paypal. You can check your earnings for the month at any time.

It’s that easy.

To get started, you will need to sign in or click here to register for a new account.

Again, make sure that you understand our Audio Requirements before you submit media.

Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ, or drop us a note