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Seller FAQ

Top 10 Buyer FAQ

Top 12 Seller FAQ

  1. Can I upload files while logged in as a Buyer?
  2. When do I get paid for the files I sell on GCS?
  3. What do I do when my member name or password doesn't work?
  4. Where did my download go?
  5. How do I search by file number?
  6. How can I purchase/download files from gamecallexchange and what are credits?
  7. How do I re-download a file?
  8. How can I change my password?
  9. How can I use your files?
  10. Why is the file I downloaded not the format that is listed on the site?
  11. How much does take from each sale?
  12. What is the license agreement for files?

Can I upload files while logged in as a Buyer?

No, you must be logged in as a Seller to upload a file.


When do I get paid for the files I sell on GCS?

You will be paid one time every two weeks as long as you have earned at least $50.00. If you have not earned $50.00 the money will be paid to your PayPal account one time every two months. Payments are made on the first day of the month.


What happens if I do not correctly label a file?

Files will be sold based on the information you provide to Buyers. GCS will not be responsible if the information provided is not correct. If the information is incorrect the Buyer should contact the Seller to correct the situation. Buyers rate sellers by providing feedback on the site. Bad reviews will greatly reduce future sales so it is in everyone’s best interest to accurately label your files.


Why aren’t my files showing up on the site?

Every uploaded file is reviewed by the staff at GCS for quality. If the file is inappropriate or the quality is deemed to be substandard, the file will not be approved for sale. If you have questions about your uploaded files not appearing on the site please contact customer service and they will provide you an explanation of why your file was rejected.


Do I have to include the description of my files to upload them to the site?

It is not necessary to include a description of your file but it is recommended. Think of this as your opportunity to market your file. The better your description the easier it is for a Buyer to make a decision to purchase the file.


Can I set any price I want for my files?

The price is up to the Seller to establish. Sellers can even offer their files for free. Free files can be a good way to let Buyers hear the quality of your recordings which can help with future sales.


How do I correct a file I already uploaded?

To make a correction to a file description, key words, categorization etc. just log into your account and go to My Upload, My Files, Audio, All and click on edit.


How do I create new categories?

To create a new category click on My Upload, Create Category and fill in the fields on this page. You should not enter a password unless you want to restrict who can listen to your files to Buyers whom you have provided the password. Category suggestions will be reviewed by the staff at GCS for appropriateness and approval. We reserve the right to reject any category suggestion.


Must I create a blog to sell my files?

Almost all Sellers create a blog. The purpose of the blog is to help Buyers to understand how you created the files, how they may use the files and generally to better market your product. It is not necessary to create a blog.


Can I use other file formats other than MP3s?

Yes, also accepts WAV files. Keep in mind that not all digital players can play WAV files as there are many WAV formats but almost all players can play an MP3 file. We recommend you upload only MP3 files.


How much does take from each sale?

25% of the price from each sale of an audio track goes to


What is the license agreement for files?

See the license agreement here